Depression Epidemic

We hear a lot of stories of depression, addiction and suicides these days. The reason behind the geometric growth in such cases is the the sudden downfall in levels of tolerance. Stress and sadness are a part of human life since it’s existence but today people are not able to hold on strong in regards to the situations they face in their normal life .

The recent case on a 24 year old MMK College student Pawanjeet Kohli, who jumped off the Sea Link in the early hours of July 3 , is alarming . He committed suicide due to rejection in love and with a feeling of being cheated . The lady he was in relationship decided to get engaged to someone else for better prospects and the same was not bearable a thought to Pawanjeet . His action of taking his life has affected his family , friends and a whole lot of people related to him but he failed to asses this while he headed to take his life . The youth of today has a low coping mechanism in proportion to the pressures that they face . They have a lot of freedom but they fail to understand that responsibilities come hand in hand with freedom. Easy access to drinking , drugs and a whole world of intoxication deviates the young minds from a sense of belonging to a family, community and the society . Mental health has become a severe issue in India with progress and advancements . Like sex education, emotion management is something that needs to be addressed at the school level. Children need to be trained in understanding themselves and their mental capacities to avoid emotional complications in their life . Earlier there were less options in life for anything , but today competetion, confusion and comparison make it very difficult to deal with emotional turmoil.

Families should have an open communication channel where each member can express feelings irrespective of the age and relation . The behavior changes in any family member should be noticed and addressed to . Identifying depression is an important aspect that families should understand and learn. Many a times the depressed is not aware that what he or she goes through emotionally may lead to something devastating . The ones in such situations may not vocally explain their state of mind but they do drop indications in their behavior which the near and dear ones should observe . Positive talks and extending support verbally helps a lot in cases of depression as that is what is needed the most . People from family and close friends have certain fixed responses and personality styles . Any change seen should not be neglected but handled subtly . Having conversations over issues and discussions lead to a lot of pressure release in case of depressed people . Inducing hope is very important . Such times test the family bonds . Condemning mistakes is not a solution but supporting people does save lives .

It’s always better to take help than live in suffering . Going to a psychologist is no more a taboo in India . With biased opinions and relationship baggage , it sometimes becomes difficult to resolve issues back home . Professional help works out in such situations and stress can be managed with a proper counseling.

It’s time mental health education and emotion management training is taken seriously . In order to fight the evils of depression and melancholy, we need to stand together and spread the word of understanding and positivity . Identify depressions and address it immediately , wherever you see it !


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