Channel Changed ! 

Today one my youngest friend, 88 years of age, decided to move on in life for better prospects. She passed away from here to somewhere I don’t know. But I’m sure that place is going to be a totally rocking one. Because Rockstars go to happening places only. Mrs Vijayalakshmi Dabholkar, who I refer to as Ajji. She asked me once “when you don’t like something that’s showing on TV, what do u do? ” I said ” I change the channel .” On that she said, ” This is exactly what you must do with situations and matters in life. Don’t stay there and get bored, don’t cling to something that’s messy and non interesting. Just move on . Change the channel. Do what gives you happiness ” This was the last talk I had with her. This talk changed the course of my life and my mindset about today. I’ve been more peaceful and strong since that day. Today she changed the channel of life and left this planet to somewhere she can find more interesting stuff and better entertainment. I wish her all the best for her new adventures. 

I remember that day in Lilavati ICU when she was weak, frail but her smile was flashing brilliance and peace all over . So beautiful , so spearkling and so strong; a deadly combination . It’s rare to find people like her who can pass on their positivity to you just by a mere eye contact . ” Swapna you are a talented girl , and I’m in love with your hair . Always be strong and do everything that you like. Be selfish and enjoy every bit of your existence , ” I’m glad she said that to me when she was in an ICU. I realised that strong is strong, situation does not matter. 

Tara Subramanium , her daughter by heart and by law was someone she praised to glory always to me . I used to wonder why so much but I know why by now. Tara and Ajji today I felt are two sides of the same coin I know . And I glad I still have the other side around for a conversation . Ajji could sense love and that was probably the only prerequisite to be in her list . Lucky me , I got an entry there . Im happy that her magical powers she has passed on to Tara, so that I can access her energy even when she is gone . By the law of conservation of energy, its all transformed not over. I’m sure she has gifted all of us with a little part of the humongous energy she carried. By the way she happens to be my dearest friend Bharat Dabholkar’s mother and I thank him for introducing me to this power house lady .  She will always be remembered as my “Energy Ajji”

When we had a Mehfil around her bed in the hospital room , one of the days the topic for jokes was “people’s behaviours at funerals” We discussed some movie she saw where a funeral scene was so funny that she just couldn’t stop giggling . She said “All were clad in variety of classic whites, high end cremes and elegant cottons like a fashion parade with their goggles on and focussing on networking and catching up with people they only chat on Facebook. ” We had a hearty laugh on this and then she said  ” people should come colourful to funerals like a party. ” Coincidently today, I was clad in bright red attire as I rushed directly from a training programme and I was wearing the most colourful dress amongst all. I was at the party for sure . A celebration of change . I could not hold my emotions at a certain point but then I said “its just a channel change , the party is on . ” 

Her soul will not rest in peace, never ; it must be having a super party with a blast wherever she is . I pray to God to give me the courage to be myself like my dear friend Ajji and the will to enjoy every bit of my life with a brilliant smile like hers . 

My promise to her is I won’t live in boredom and misery ever in future, I will change the channel .  And I will be happy , smiling and a source of positivity to many . 

Wherever you are ….. Rock On ! Have a Blast ! 


6 thoughts on “Channel Changed ! 

  1. Well written & What a tribute to a positive soul loke Vijaylakshmi ji! Each word is well placed & with utmost true feeling for her!

    Channel Changed!
    प्रभु उनकी आत्मा को शांति दे।

  2. Very eloquent and every word so true! Her energy and the joy she radiated rubbed off on everyone who met her, however brief the meeting. .and the common sense advice she gave was so many pearls of wisdom! I hope Bharat puts together all these “mhanees” or nuggets for posterity will make delightful reading. Can’t say may she rest in peace,because her enthusiam and vibrancy will stir up the environment where she’s gone, and infuse folk with her energy to better themselves. Thank you Vijumavshi.

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