Love is A Spiritual Journey

Love is not an easy task at all. World does not let purity sustain. It tries to contaminate people , emotions and relations too. It takes courage to respect your feelings, follow goodness and love to the fullest . The ones who manage this well are seen as losers in the world as they give more importance to internal spiritual growth than the material progress . This is a journey that takes you closer to the universe. Life flows and you become serene, like nature . Beauty is visible only when we imbibe nature . Fallacy draws us away from love .  Qateel Shifai has been inspiring me for years and continues to do so on the path of emotional analysis and the spiritual journey of love and life .  Here is what I analysed of Qateel on the art of being one with another.
 ये मोजेज़ा भी मुहब्बत कभी दिखाये मुझे , 

के सँग तुझपे गिरे और ज़ख्म आये मुझे…..

Sometimes this love shows me a miracle unexpected. You are hurt but I am bruised and I feel the pain. When love is deep and it’s true, the pain is mutual too. I fear when I’m in too much pain , because I know you are going through the same. Beauty of love is this , both feel the same at the same time.

वो मेहरबाँ है तो इक़रार क्यूँ नहीं करता,

वो बद-गुमाँ है तो सौ बार आज़माये मुझे…….

Life is short . Why doesn’t he finally give acceptance to the love that’s pure and worthy . Why wait ? Why waste this precious time of love ? And if He does not trust , I do not mind if he tests me a hundred times . But I need him to accept me now , desperately. Because I fear of losing him to the world , to time and to the judgmental side of life.


वो मेरा दोस्त है सारे जहाँन को मालूम,

दग़ा करे वो किसी से तो शर्म आये मुझे…….

The world has seen us together . They know I’m close to you . I’m responsible for your actions as we are echoes of each other. A misdeed or a cheating from you embarasses me. I’m with you always , but I don’t want the world to call you names. I’m concerned, I’m you . I don’t just own the goodness but the badness in you too.

मैं अपनी ज़ात में नीलाम हो रहा हूँ ‘क़तील’

ग़मे हयात से कह दो ख़रीद लाये मुझे…..

I’ve lived my life to the fullest but I’m being auctioned by this cruel world for my straightforwardness . I was destined to this . Go tell all the sadness , worries and pain of the world to now come to me and buy me. I’m for sale now to the reality . The darkness is welcome to my world from this moment. And i don’t mind it at all .

Love and let love . Join this journey of losing yourself to the goodness and godness. Love is not a material you can buy or hold on to . Love is like air; breathe it . Don’t try to catch hold of it and preserve it in a container just for yourself. Let it touch you and keep coming back to you on its own . Because , Love is not a destination or acquisition, it’s a Spiritual Journey. 


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