Voteralysis – An intellect wiping disease 

BMC elections are just around the corner. All the political parties have geared up for power grabbing . Campaigning has started with full swing . There is an overdose of political discussions and opinions especially on social media. To be specific , on Facebook. Everybody has a view and each one wants to share it publically. Shouting out loud on political issues is trending these days. Most of the people posting their views have no knowledge and understanding of politics or our Indian constitution and requirements of our country . Either they are influenced by a party or thought so much that they are ready to talk nonsense about anyone who does not believe what they believe in. For some people , posting their political view before brushing their teeth every morning is a ritual . I am amazed by the fact that the ones who are making big comments for the party they support and huge allegations for other parties haven’t even studied civics when they were in school ; they wouldn’t know the difference between Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha . Facebook has become a boxing ring these days of mud throwing and demeaning others . It is ultimately hilarious to read views of people who have no qualification, credibility or achievements to their own kitty ; who end up depreciating value of people they have no clue about . Sometimes they don’t even know they are campaigning for a criminal or a fraud. The display of anger and emotions is unbelievable , of these opionion masters who are blinded by some layer of stupidity that puts them ito an illusion that their opinion is going to change the world drastically.

Twitter is another story. All the known and the unknown constantly argue with each other with a 160 alphabets constraint . The intensity of the argument is such that st times the gentlemen forget they are interacting with a woman, the women forget decency of vocabulary and the trolls make this place more entertaining with an additional feature of free abusing . There are leftists and rightists who seem to be directionless in life . Some assume that if they have a blue tick for their account and their id is verified by twitter , then they have a right to talk absurd and silly things. Some journalists think as if they run the country all by themselves. Their tweets are so funny that they sound more like psychopaths . As the Election Day is nearing, everyone on twitter is getting hyper . All seem to be considering themselves as super intelligent and the rest of the as dumb senseless creatures . Soon ‘TWITTER’ will be renamed as ‘FIGHTER’ Msny celebrities use twitter as a secret diary post their drinking session and some make it a pedestal to take public poll on their personal matters . Whatever the case be, this social function is an addiction now for India.
Every year a new set of younger people join in the world of voting . All who turn 18 that year get to vote for the first time . Some vote for a party because their parents suggested , some vote just like that without any specific reason and some prefer going on a vacation and treat it like a public holiday . This social media influencing is certainly corrupting minds of the youth into making choices depending on who spends more on the campaign and promotion over the internet . I cal this disease VOTERALYSIS. It paralysis the mind of the voters , making them incapable of thinking for themselves and making their own choices . This disease not only affects your life before election but also after it . Don’t fall for colurful, abusive and aggressive campaigns . The only medicine for this disease is awareness . Stop thinking about elections in other states . Just think about your voting constituency . Understand the parties in your area. Pick the ones whose ideologies you believe in. Check the background and track record of thr candidates you think are worth a vote. Analyse amongst the few contesting , who can be the best for your area and then vote the finally shortlisted one. think of betterment , change and development when you think. Don’t thik about people’s and journalists’ comments on social media and news channel debates. Use your brain and form your own opinions. Don’t let VOTERALYSIS affect your power of decision making. Vote for the right candidate .  


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