Hardik Patel is a young wannabe, so called politician from Gujarat. He had his share of a 5 days media attention phase in his life due to his involvement in Patidar reservation agitation. His association with media and politics can be compared to a fling right now without any experience of the past or prospects for future. Hardik’s close aid Chirag patel and Ketan Patel have alleged Hardik of using Community’s fund for living luxurious life. They claim that he has become Crorepati just after 1 year of launching of Patidar Quota stir. An inexperienced power hungry youth can make mistakes, we must accept and are willing to understand Hardik’s ambitious political dreams. But experienced, responsible leaders don’t afford to make mistakes by making him a tool just for the heck of it. This not just creates a sense of lack of political ethics and insensitivity towards the grass root level party workers. Something very shocking happened yesterday. This 25 years old gentleman visited Matoshri , better known as Balasaheb Thackeray’s residence in Bandra East. Nobody can visit Matoshri without invitation. This clearly indicates that he was invited at Matoshri. 

 Post the news of this visit , there have been mixed reactions from people. Party president Uddhav Thackeray mentioned him as a face of Shivsena which is something not digested by many. The question remains unanswered, ” why does shiv Sena need a Gujarati nobody for campaigning for Mumbai ?” Why are gimmicks required if there is confidence.
And what is the need of discussing Gujrat when the focus should only be Mumbai ? The Shivsainiks are common dedicated party workers who do not understand the high level politics and hidden agendas at all. Their love for Balasaheb is enough to self motivate them into supporting Shiv sena in every election. “Anything for Balasaheb” is the common thought of every Shiv sainik. For them, the Hardik episode is a very confusing move. The younger Shiv sainiks do not find logic in this meeting . While some believe in the senior leaders blindly. 

 Social media has varied reactions on this incident, but one thing is for sure, people who really love Balasaheb and have made Shiv Sena their life are unhappy to the core. Not many Shiv sainiks get a chance to visit Matoshri or to communicate with party Chief Uddhav Thackeray. They give their lives but still long for that 1 Minute conversation with their boss. In such circumstances a young boy from Gujarat who has no credibility or track record of loyalty with sena is seen discussing power with Uddhav Thackeray. That’s where the emotional Balasaheb fans feel the pinch. ” Enemy’s enemy should be your friend ” if that is the strategy then it’s not worth the hurt caused to the hardcore Shiv sainiks. It was always believed that Shiv Sena emerged out of emotions and anger against injustice, but does it continue to be the same as it was founded.
The biggest strength of shiv Sena is the love and loyalty of shiv Shiv Sainiks towards the party and Balasaheb. It’s absolutely not healthy to hurt this asset that the party possesses . The ones who run from pillar to post for Shiv Sena are deprived and outsiders are given a red carpet treatment even when elections are just around the corner. The party will have to clarify to its followers on WHY HARDIK ?


One thought on “WHY HARDIK? 

  1. You are absolutely right. In the recent (Nov.2016) elections of Panchayat & Municipal councils It was thought that “Patidar” Community could make a break through. But People of Gujarat have strongly supported BJP. This meant that Patidars (read Hardik) have not been able to make any impact. Now, Why does ShivSena think that 1)He could sway the Gujarati voters of Mumbai is something unfathomable 2) Mr. Uthhav Thakarey should have used the services od of recently inducted Gujarati community influencers like say Mr. Hemraj Shah (who was just standing behind in one corner when Hardik was welcomed at matoshree). This gimmick is going to boomerang for sure. Hardik being face of ShivSena in Gujarat is far fetched imagination.

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